Antique Solid Silver Serving Spoon Exeter William Rawlings Sobey 1853


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We are delighted to offer for sale this gorgeous piece of Victorian Silver.

This lovely rare example comes complete with a full set of Hallmarks. An assay mark for Exeter and makers mark ’ WRS’ for William Rawlings Sobey and date mark for 1853.

This lovely example in excellent condition. No Splits or Repairs!  The bowl does have a few light light dinks/ripples which could easily be improved by an enthusiast or collector. It is also mongrammed on the handle with the Intial ‘W’.

Overall a nice solid example in useable / displayable condition.

It measures approx. 8.75 inches in length and weighs approx .60g

These would make a very worth addition to an Antique Silver Collection.

These are very fragile will be very carefully packed for transit!  So you can bid in confidence!

Exeter Silversmith William Rawlings Sobey:

Following on from the Stone family silversmiths, William Rawlings Sobey (1811 – 1852) is a sought-after Exeter silversmith.  Born in Exeter around 1811, his makers marks are registered from 1833 to about 1852. He was a contemporary of John Stone, and like John Stone, he manufactured spoons, butterknives and other flatware in the Fiddler and Old English patterns. The 1841 & 1851 census returns show him as resident in All Hallows Goldsmith Street. The 1851 White’s Devonshire Dictionary lists his workshop as being at 1 Queen Street.William Rowlings Sobey William Rowlings Sobey

Unlike John Stone, William Rowlings Sobey was not folllowed by his son into the business. When William died in 1852 aged 41, he left behind 4 children.

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Out of stock